City of St. George, Louisiana

Update: Transition Bill Passes Key House Committee

May 19, 2020

Senate Bill 423, which would create the St. George Transition District and is a critical step forward for our city, passed the Ways and Means Committee Tuesday, May 26th. The bill, sponsored by Sen. Bodi White and Rep. Rick Edmonds, next heads to a vote by the full House and then over to the Governor.

Mary Olive Pierson and the Mayor-President both spoke against the bill, to no avail. It passed the committee 12-2, with Reps. Tammy Phelps (Caddo) and Matthew Willard (New Orleans) the lone nay votes.

"I agree, at some point, once they become a city, we are going to have to transition a lot of things."

Mary Olive Pierson, Attorney for Mayor-President Sharon Weston Broome

Testimony from Mary Olive Pierson, and quoted above, is an encouraging sign that even those wasting a tremendous amount of resources to try to prevent our incorporation see the writing on the wall.

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