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Update: Gov. Edwards Signs Transition Bill into Law

June 19, 2020

The City of St. George Transition District Bill, SB423, was signed into law by Governor Edwards on June 12, 2020. The St. George Transition District creates a framework for the transition of taxing authority and services from East Baton Rouge Parish to the City of St. George.

You can read the law (signed by the governor) here.

“Legislators in both the House and Senate as well as the Governor recognized the results of the October 12, 2019 when the citizens voted to incorporate the City of St. George. The St. George Transition District is vital to ensure that St. George tax dollars stay in St. George during this transition. This is further proof that the City of St. George will work with local government to make East Baton Rouge Parish better,”

-Andrew Murrell, City of St. George Spokesperson

What the law does:

  1. It establishes the Transition District Board of Directors. This Board of Directors can negotiate on behalf of the city. The St. George Transition District authorizes a board of directors to execute contracts, intergovernmental agreements, and cooperative endeavors.
  2. It protects the 2% sales tax currently being collected. St. George Transition District will transfer the existing taxing authority for the two percent sales and use tax from East Baton Rouge Parish to the City of St. George while maintaining essential city services. EBR is required to provide these services at this time.
  3. Once the lawsuit is resolved, the taxing authority will transfer to this district until we can have a municipal election to formally approve the tax. This is not a new tax. It is the existing tax currently collected by East Baton Rouge Parish that will be transferred to the City of St. GeorgeThis law ensures that the city has money to operate once we win the lawsuit.

In short, The St. George Transition District is the bridge for services and taxing authority during the transition from East Baton Rouge Parish to the City of St. George.

What the law does NOT do:

  1. It  does NOT provide immediate access to the 2% sales tax revenue. The district will only have access to these dollars once the lawsuit is settled. 
  2. It does NOT do away with the lawsuit. Unfortunately, we still have to go through the legal process, unless or until we reach a negotiated settlement or win in the courts.
  3. It does NOT provide revenue to pay the legal fees for the lawsuit. It is important to remember that the city is not being sued. Our dedicated chairmen, Norm Browning and Chris Rials, are the named defendants. They continue to need our support and prayers in their endeavor. Please consider making a contribution, if possible.

Stay informed on what's next for St. George.

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