City of St. George, Louisiana
UPDATE: It's Not Over

We are currently gathering every piece of information available from the Registrar of Voters, including all withdrawals. Once we have an opportunity to go through everything we will publish a list of rejected signatures and withdrawals. We will make sure that every signature that should have been counted, counts. If the count is inaccurate, we […]

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ROV Determines We're 71 Signatures Short

The Registrar of Voters informed us this afternoon that we were 71 signatures short of the 17,788 required. We are reviewing the verification and tabulation process as well as preparing a legal challenge. We believe there were clear errors throughout the process, and that the number of signatures obtained well exceeds the statutory number required. […]

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The Petition is Complete

On Thursday, May 28, we turned in 4,630 additional signatures to the registrar of voters. They said this was not possible. That it couldn't be done. That this could never happen. They were wrong.  We cannot say thank you enough to all of the volunteers involved in this effort. We simply would not be where we […]

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